Ride Rules

In order for all rides to be safe and successful, the following must be practiced.

Helmets – All riders must wear one with a fastening strap. No exceptions.

Bike – Bike must be in good  mechanical condition. All adjustments made before riding.

Clothing – Cycling clothing required. Always check the weather before riding to make sure appropriate attire is worn. No street clothing when riding, for it will slow down the pace of the group.

Fluids – Every cyclist is required to bring fluids. Fluids must be in a container that is easy to reach for while in motion. We don’t stop often just to have a drink. and most rides do not have stationary drinking fountains.

Food – Energy bars, fruit or fruit bars, gels etc.

Tools – Cycling tools for making adjustments and fixing flats. Strongly recommend that each rider carry with them at least one full inner tube.

Start Times – Start time is the time  you should arrive at that start destination. This allows coordination, introductions and picture taking. We roll out 30 minutes after the start time.

Suggestion for first time riders. 

If this is your first time riding with MTCC of the Triangle, we strongly suggest the following:

  1. Make yourself known as a first timer while introducing yourself.
  2. Be conservative on your first time out. Make the ride as comfortable for yourself so you can assess the group and determine where you would fit in for future rides.
  3. Understand that non-members can only ride with MTCC of the Triangle 3 times. After that, you must become a member.