What we are about

Major Taylor Cycling Club of the Triangle was established in late 2017. Idea was conceived in response to the lack of a chapter being established here in North Carolina. We desire to serve and ride in the counties of Wake, Chatham, Orange, and Durham. Our goal is to foster a sense of community, promote a positive image, provide cycling opportunities, encourage optimal health, and philanthropy.


We are here to foster an inclusive community, accepting cyclist of all abilities and levels, race, religion, creed and sexual orientation. As long as you have a means to self propel yourself on a contraption called a bicycle, you qualify for membership.

Projecting a positive image and influencing others to incorporate a healthy lifestyle is in our DNA as individuals and a group. How we ride and how we conduct ourselves when we ride is most paramount.  Therefore, any behaviors practiced that are against our stated values above and will bring shame on our brand will not be tolerated. In helping to assist in projecting a positive image, we believe that cycling education is important in order to achieve such.


Through cycling education we want to create a community of safe riders. There are certain standards for the individual rider and those who ride in a group that must be practiced. We aim for all our members and those non-members, who may ride with us, to be free from cycling accidents. Safety is above all considerations and leads to better health outcomes. We are law abiding, safe cyclist.


Cycling is synonymous with good health. In practicing the activity many health benefits can be achieved. And in some case certain ailments reversed.  We don’t believe in pushing others beyond what their physical and health abilities would  allow. Every rider is responsible for determining their limitations for themselves. As our mission states – “We ride as one” (Umoja). Meaning that no rider will be left behind or pressured to keep up with a group of riders. When we show up together at a particular place for a ride, we leave together from that place after the ride.


Aside from membership fees, funds raised through cycling rides are donated to other organizations, such as the Triangle Bikeworks youth organization. Operational costs, such as maintaining this web-site, will be deducted first. We are an organization who strives to be transparent with it’s members in regards to the financial status of the organization.